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Hello! and Thank You for visiting the KidCards® website.

Here's a bit about how KidCards® came to be:

As a mom of two, we are always making cards for Birthdays and other celebrations as well as to show those who might be "under the weather" that we're thinking about them. As much as we love making cards, it was very time consuming... before my oldest could read or write, it was also a project that couldn't really be done without help.

While making a card with my oldest daughter for her cousin's birthday, the idea of KidCards® Greeting Card Books sprouted. There needs to be an easier way for my kids to make a greeting card on their own... something that really focuses them in the right direction... and a project that won't take the entire day. Thus, the idea for KidCards® Volume 1 was born. A "book" of sorts in which the pages are already "drawn out" and that could be removed, colored and folded into individual greeting cards.

As my oldest daughter has grown and has shown that she loves to draw her own pictures, I decided to create Volume 2; a KidCards® book that would consist of a "frame" on each cover, leaving more room for a child's creativity. Since then, KidCards, Ltd. has put out a series of Teachers' Editions, a volume of Party Invites & Thank You's, as well as 2 Special Holiday Editions.

KidCards® gives kids the "outline" for making a one-of-a-kind gift that comes straight from their heart... and even more so, the fact that they've done it by themselves fosters confidence with every greeting sent!

Melissa Marra
Creator & Developer
KidCards® Greeting Card Books

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