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iParenting Media Hot Award WinnerKidCards® is a 2010 Best Products Award WINNER!

Here's what the iParenting reviewers had to say about KidCards® Coloring Cards:

"A really clever way for kids to be able to make quality greeting cards for friends and family. The cards were very nicely printed and the kit included ideas for all kinds of situations... I also liked that there were included envelopes and a pocket to
keep them in as well."

"The pictures were fun and interesting for young children, and captured and held their interest. We loved the spot on the back to fill in the child's name. Crayons and markers worked great on the paper, and did not bleed or run. We loved that the pages were scored making it easy to fold them in half."

"The size of the card stock is great for little ones who do not have fine motor control yet. The card stock is of good consistency for little hands as well. There is a nice variety in the book."

KidCards® is a 2009 Excellent Products Award WINNER!

Here's what the iParenting reviewers had to say about KidCards® FreeHand Drawing Frames:

" promotes creativity and imagination... It gives a guide to work with, but allows the child to be as creative as they choose to be."

"The (card) choices were plentiful and worked well for many occasions. The spiral binding was great for flipping through the pages."

"With this product children learn the importance of empathy and helps them think of others on special occasions. These cards can really make a difference in someones life."

KidCards® was featured on's list of the Best Back to School Gear for 2009!

"Why We Love It: Foster creativity by having kids make their own greeting cards from the heart. Each book includes 20 cardstock pages ready for decoration along with a set of envelopes."

KidCards® Card Books was selected to be featured as a "Hybrid Mom 100" in the national publication Hybrid Mom Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide!


a parent in silver spring reviews logo “I've actually finished my children's abandoned cardmaking myself in order to make the mail carrier, dishonestly slapping on a few princess stickers and forging my daughter’s name by writing with my left, non-dominant hand. Not my proudest parenting moments, I must confess. We've been using KidCards® now for the last few birthday parties and holidays, and my kids have been way into designing them. Family members have been touched by the kids' personal flair and artistry. Fellow mom friends have been asking where we got them, so I think that not only are they good for birthday cards to playmates, the card books also make cool birthday presents themselves.”
Barefoot Mommies Logo “When we received this in the mail to review my kids went right to coloring! I love that it's an actual book they can color in and fold up like a card and stick in an envelope! This gives your kids the creativity they need and something to be proud of. Let them express themselves in their art to someone special in their life!”
Berrie Sweet Picks Logo “KidCards are the very reason I'm no longer buying my thank you cards, birthday cards, or even Christmas cards in the pharmacy section anymore. Anything I buy in the store is going to pale in comparison to the creative genius that my daughter throws into coloring a card instead. Take a look and seriously order a set! Your kids will love it and so will each and every person you receives one of these sweet cards in the mail.”
Celebrity Baby Blog Logo “I’m a stickler for thank-you cards and I think kids should make their own as soon as they’re big enough. KidCards® Coloring Cards are one of those, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ products. My mom thinks my kids’ artworks are true masterpieces, and for 75 cents apiece, they’re much more affordable than mass-produced cards from the drugstore.”
Celebrity Baby Clothes Logo “KidCards® has created these amazing spiral coloring booklets that have pre drawn pictures that can be removed, colored and folded into a meaningful, homemade greeting card. They even include the envelopes…how fabulous is that? Your little budding artist gets to color their heart out, you get some quality time with your child and a lucky “someone” gets a personal card. We love the whimsical and child friendly drawings and the fact that it made our very own tot say ‘look what I made mamma!’ (makes us tear up a little…really).”
Cool Baby Kid logo “When my husband saw KidCards®, he reacted with ‘Wow, what a great idea!’ I knew immediately it was a winner. And I was right. Simple, mom-invented, useful and fun, KidCards® give you all the tools you need to assist kids in creating their own cards. I love the idea of kid-created as soon as they are able to draw, as opposed to parent-written cards which are much less personal.”
Did You See That? logo “I know most of our family would prefer the homemade cards I make with card software - I print pictures of the kids on them and let the kids sign them. Now I'm thinking KidCards® will be the only cards I'll send out from the kiddos. Why? Because these are ingenious! Such an inventive way to combine art and creativity and FUN. My kids, especially my 6 year old son, jumps all over the chance to color in ANYTHING so KidCards® were a huge success in our house.” logo “My girls (ages 3 and 1.5) have been making their Father’s Day cards for Daddy and are so proud of their creations. Much better than a store bought card any day! Great to send to grandmas and grandpas and other loved ones that live further away too.”
The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy logo “My daughter quickly paged through the spiral bound book and found lots of pictures that were of interest to her. She loved coloring, signing the card, and placing it in the provided envelope. She also loved decorating the envelope with stamps!”
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls logo “Volume 1 is perfect for my three year old daughter she really enjoyed coloring all the pictures. Volume 2, my nine year old daughter colored and she really enjoyed drawing her own pictures on the front.”
The Full Mommy Logo “I think it's important for children to learn to express gratitude and these cards are a great tool for helping children express themselves to the ones they care about. Now when my daughter wants to send someone a card, she can use one of her KidCards to get her message across. I can pop it in the envelope and off it goes.”
An Island Review Logo “The drawings were adorable and very appealing to my daughter’s age group. She couldn’t decide which one she wanted to color first! The great thing about KidCards® is that it gave her a sense of accomplishment by helping her produce a creative and beautiful greeting card. I loved that it provided me with a little quiet time to get some things done around the house.”
Jolly Mom logo “KidCards® Volume 1 are outstanding for so many reasons! The predrawn images and message inside basically provide the foundation for the card and are ready for kids to begin coloring and decorating. Just give your kids some crayons and let them color their cards. KidCards® can also be embellished and decorated in any way that your kids want, so if you do have the time, make it more involved. Get out the glitter, puffy paint, watercolors, stickers, cut out shapes, and have fun creating with your kids! Older kids could even use a plastic needle and thread to embelish the cards. There really aren't any limits!”
Kid Buy Products Logo “My daughter loved coloring the pictures and the words inside, and I loved the card because it took her a good 30 minutes to finish! There's nothing like a quiet independent activity to keep a three-year old busy. The cards very easily and neatly detached from the book. You honestly can't really tell which end was perforated. The cards come with envelopes, too. There's no cutting, no pasting and no mess involved!”
Mom Most Traveled logo “Like many other moms, not having my kids create personalized cards is just one of many small things that causes me to feel guilt about not being the perfect crafty mom. So I was excited to learn about KidCards®, a simple idea that takes the tedious parental assistance out of kid-made cards.”
Momma in Flip Flops 2 logo “I love these! Even though I love to make the entire card with my children, sometimes with lack of time and the fact that I still have to write all the letters. This way I can let them pick out whatever they want, they can color it and we're done. These make great gifts - especially for the grandparents!”
Mommas Review Logo “My kids were delighted to be able to color and decorate the card, and were even more excited to write their name on the back. These aren’t just any card you can get from the local Pharmacy, KidCards are one of a kind that will never be reproduced. I will certainly be purchasing the Free Color Cards (where kids can draw there own pictures) once we use up all the ones in the Coloring Card set!”
Our Happy Happenings logo “KidCards® are kind of like an activity book that is filled with cards that your child can decorate to make them more personal than a traditional greeting card would be. And- they are much cheaper too! My daughter has already decorated and given a few of the KidCards®. She enjoyed making the cards and the recipients enjoyed getting them.”
Our Ordinary Life logo “KidCards harness my daughter’s creativity and kindness allowing her to create cards for anyone. And trust me, she’s made cards for everyone!!! You easily color in the picture and there's even a place to put your name. She loves this since she’s been working on spelling her name. I think they are perfect for family or friends, she can make a personalized card and it gives her something to do. For her KidCards are perfect!”
Sassy Frazz logo “My kids loved picking out their own card to color. They had a lot of fun looking at all the different designs on the cards. The quality of the paper is great! Your kids will be encouraged to send cards to people for special occasions, and ‘just because’ occasions.”
Swanky Moms logo “KidCards® is a wonderful spiral bound book filled with greeting cards ready to color and decorate. Each card tears along a perforated edge for easy removal and a clean look. The large designs and writing make it easy for any age child to color and decorate. This is a great way to allow your child to be as creative as they want.”
The Opinionated Parent logo “Even if you have a kid who just does a little scribble, the recipient is sure to appreciate the gesture, and the child learns the concept of card giving and kindness from a young age. At just $15/book, they beat even the dollar store prices and mean a heck of a lot more to the person receiving them.”
What Mommies NEED logo “My son really enjoyed making his card and immediately started planning who the next one would be for. I think this is a great way to allow your child to share their talents with others.”